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Youth Volleyball Elementary League Schedule

Team Name Color Coach  Coach's Number
Super Servers Gold Ali Tedesko 719-429-2298
Side Out Black Brittney Carr 719-371-6080
Team Extreme Purple Ashley Mulso 719-371-0562
Serves You Right Light Blue Jennifer Vittetoe 573-418-1523
Pride Blue Anthony Lozano 719-209-6684
Volocity White Sarah Anderson 719-431-2799

All games will be played at Harrison School on Court 2 on Thursday evenings.  Picture Day is June 9th.  Standings will be posted on our website at  Please do not leave children unattended in the lobby area.

Thursday, June 2nd 
5:00    Super Servers  vs  Side Out
6:00    Pride  vs  Team Extreme
7:00    Serves You Right  vs  Volocity 

Thursday, June 9th (Picture Day) 
5:00    Volocity  vs  Pride
6:00    Serves You Right  vs  Super Servers
7:00    Team Extreme  vs  Side Out 

Thursday, June 16th  
5:00    Team Extreme  vs  Serves You Right
6:00    Volocity  vs  Super Servers (Revised)
7:00    Pride  vs  Side Out 

Thursday, June 23rd  
5:00    Super Servers  vs  Pride
6:00    Volocity  vs  Team Extreme
7:00    Side Out  vs  Serves You Right

Thursday, June 30th  
5:00    Side Out  vs  Volocity
6:00    Super Servers  vs  Team Extreme
7:00    Pride  vs  Serves You Right

Thursday, July 7th  
5:00    Serves You Right   vs  Pride 
6:00    Side Out  vs  Super Servers
7:00    Team Extreme  vs  Volocity

Thursday, July 14th 
5:00    Team Extreme  vs  Serves You Right
6:00    Pride  vs  Side Out
7:00    Super Servers  vs  Volocity

Thursday, July 21st (Tournament)
5:00    Game 1:     Serves You Right (4)  vs  Pride (5) (SMALL COURT)
5:00    Game 2:     Super Servers (3)  vs  Team Extreme (6)  (BIG COURT)
6:00    Game 3:     Side Out (1)  vs  Winner of game 1
7:00    Game 4:     Volocity (2)  vs  Winner of game 2
8:00    Game 5:     Winner of game 3  vs  Winner of game 4