South Canon Trails/Eagle Wing Trailhead / Schepp Open Space

The Eagle Wing Trail Head is an entrance to a hiking and mountain biking trail system known as the South Canon Trails.  Located in the southwest area of Canon City, the trails range in the level of difficulty for riders from beginner to advanced.  Climbing some of the hills in the area are worth the views!  You can take a break and get out of the sun after your ride or hike at the gazebo adjoining the parking area.  

The trail system provides a link to Fremont County's Ecology Park. The trail head also opens up to the Schepp Open Space area. 

Work on the trail system continues to evolve, with a flow trail added in 2020 and a bike park in 2021.

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The Yard is Open!

The grand opening for the South Canon Trails newest feature, "The Yard", was held on Wednesday May 6th.

Working in collaboration with FAR (Fremont Adventure Recreation) and Steve Thomas- trail builder, Recreation District staff brought in lots of dirt to help create the bike park.  The newly built features will test your skills.

Grab your bike and check it out!

  • Hours of Use - Dawn to Dusk

       -The Eagle Wing Parking Lot is locked from dusk to dawn. Click here for information.

  • No Campfires Allowed
  • Overnight Camping by Permit ONLY
  • No Overnight Parking
  • No Motorized Vehicles on Trails
  • Please Pick Up After Your Pet / Animal
  • Leave NO Trash Behind

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