Adult Sand Volleyball Schedule

Team Name Sponsor Manager Manager's Number
WWB&G White Water Bar & Grill Trace Hildebrand 719-429-4424
That Ace Though   Francis Diaz 719-429-1946
Spikological Warfare   Alexis Dudley 719-429-2533
Charlie Foxtrots   Kenzie Hand 719-429-2873
That's What She Set   Kaitlynn Miller 719-429-5319
All Effort No Skill   Deanna Padilione 719-429-9890
Bump Set YEET   Austin Parker 719-431-3503
The Passholes   Christine Young 575-749-1284

All games will be played Tuesday evenings at Whitewater Bar & Grill.  Games are self-officiated.  Roster Deadline is Tuesday, July 6th.  Make sure all team members have signed roster and played in one game by that date.  Standings will be kept on our website at

Tuesday, June 8th 
6:00    Charlie Foxtrots vs  The Passholes
7:00    Bump Set YEET  vs  Spikological Warfare
8:00    All Effort No Skill  vs  WWB&G
9:00    That’s What She Set  vs  That Ace Though

Tuesday, June 15th 
6:00    Spikological Warfare  vs  All Effort No Skill
7:00    WWB&G  vs  The Passholes
8:00    Bump Set YEET  vs  That Ace Though
9:00    Charlie Foxtrots  vs  That’s What She Set

Tuesday, June 22nd 
6:00    WWB&G  vs  That’s What She Set
7:00    Bump Set YEET  vs  Charlie Foxtrots
8:00    All Effort No Skill  vs  The Passholes
9:00    Spikological Warfare  vs  That Ace Though

Tuesday, June 29th 
6:00    That Ace Though  vs  All Effort No Skill
7:00    The Passholes  vs  That’s What She Set
8:00    Spikological Warfare  vs  Charlie Foxtrots
9:00    WWB&G  vs  Bump Set YEET

Tuesday, July 6th (Roster Deadline)
6:00    That Ace Though  vs  Charlie Foxtrots
7:00    All Effort No Skill  vs  That’s What She Set
8:00    The Passholes  vs  Bump Set YEET
9:00    Spikological Warfare  vs WWB&G

Tuesday, July 13th 
6:00    That’s What She Set  vs  Bump Set YEET    
7:00    That Ace Though  vs  WWB&G
8:00    Charlie Foxtrots  vs  All Effort No Skill
9:00    The Passholes  vs  Spikological Warfare

Tuesday, July 20th 
6:00    All Effort No Skill  vs  Bump Set YEET
7:00    That Ace Though  vs  The Passholes
8:00    That’s What She Set  vs  Spikological Warfare
9:00    Charlie Foxtrot  vs  WWB&G

Tuesday, July 27th 
6:00    That’s What She Set  vs  Charlie Foxtrots
7:00    WWB&G  vs  Spikological Warfare
8:00    The Passholes  vs  That Ace Though
9:00    Bump Set YEET  vs  All Effort No Skill

Tuesday, August 3rd (1st Round of Tournament)
6:00    Game 1:    1  vs  8
7:00    Game 2:    4  vs  5
8:00    Game 3:    3  vs  6
9:00    Game 4:    2  vs  7

Tuesday, August 10th (Last Round of Tournament)
6:00    Game 5:    Winner of game 1  vs  Winner of game 2
7:00    Game 6:    Winner of game 3  vs  Winner of game 4
8:00    Game 7:    Winner of game 5  vs  Winner of game 6