Youth Tennis Lessons

Learn to Play Tennis

Each class provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere to introduce the fundamentals: developing ball sense, concentration, attention to detail and good sportsmanship. Classes include instruction, drills, fun games, fitness, agility and team building exercises.

For players at every level, there is a personalized approach to improving power, control, and game play strategy. Every level will work to learn and improve the forehand, backhand, volley, and serve.

Instructors will divide the participants into appropriate ages and skill levels the first week of lessons.

Youth Tennis 2020-Group

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Session I  (June): April 12th - May 27th

Session II (July): May 10th - July 1st

Fee: $45 in District or $60 Out of District
Ages: 4-18 years old

Session I:  June 1st - June 28th

Session II: July 5th - July 29th

Session Days:

Monday & Wednesday  or

Tuesday & Thursday

Sign up for both and pay double!

  • Tiny Tots  Very beginning tennis, for 4-6 year olds. Participants will learn basic stroke fundamentals and improve hand-eye coordination in a fun games-based approach to tennis.
  • Beginner I  Little or no experience, for 7+ year olds. Participants will receive instruction on the fundamentals of the game, developing skills, ball control, stroke techniques, practice habits, and court etiquette.
  • Beginner II  Played some, limited instruction, for 7+ year olds. Participants will continue to refine strokes and build confidence, agility, and consistency on the court. Scoring and basic rules are taught
  • Intermediate  Understands basic skills, can maintain rally and can serve, for 10+ year olds. Participants will begin to advance their skills to the level of match-play situations.
  • Advanced  Can rally and serve from baseline fairly consistently, can hit volleys and overheads, for 13+ year olds. Participants will work on perfecting all strokes, confidence and consistency, as well as match-play strategy.

  • Tiny Tots 8:00 am - 8:55 am:  Ages 4-6
  • Beginner I -Advanced 9:00 am - 9:55 am: Ages 7-8
  • Beginner I -Advanced 10:00 am - 10:55 am:  Ages 9-11
  • Beginner I -Advanced 11:00 am - 11:55 am: Ages 12 & up

CHOOSING A TENNIS RACQUET: The following are standard guidelines for age and racquet length selection. If an 8-year-old is the size of an average 10-year-old, choose the 10-12 racquet. Move up one size (possibly two) to adjust for exceptionally high physical strength or ability, but adjusting down for lack of strength is almost never necessary. A junior player should use as long a racquet as he/she can comfortably handle. This will encourage development of smooth strokes that utilize good weight transfer and larger muscles. Too small a racquet encourages excessive wrist and elbow action, which, in the long run, will harm both stroke development and the arm. A junior is generally ready for an adult racquet when weighing 85 pounds or more.
Age: Racquet Length
0-4: 19"
4-5: 21"
6-7: 23"
8-10: 25"
10-12: 26"
12 &, up: 27-29" (adult size racquet)

  • Please bring your own water bottle and wear sunscreen.
  • Students need to wear court appropriate tennis shoes (no sandals.)
  • Students will be required to do some running!
  • Classes missed may be made up with prior arrangements!