Youth Soccer World Cup League Schedule



Team Name Color Coach Coach's Number
Attack Purple  Markus Kraft 719-371-2616
Force Neon Yellow Joel Dudley 585-307-7378
Fusion Blue Laura Dudley 585-610-9508
Galaxy Black Steffan Roberts 832-248-5125
Pride Gray Geoff West 719-371-6178
Inferno Orange Paul Rhodes 719-429-1852

Games will be played at Pathfinder Park, 6639 Hwy 115 on the big field.  We ask that ALL parents sit on the East Side of the field. No games on Saturday, May 7th for Blossom festivities.  Standings will be posted on our website at

Saturday, March 26th 
9:00      Galaxy  vs  Force 
10:30    Pride vs Fusion
12:00    Inferno  vs  Attack

Saturday, April 2nd 
9:00      Galaxy  vs  Inferno 
10:30    Fusion  vs  Attack
12:00    Force  vs  Pride

Saturday, April 9th (Picture Day)
9:00      Pride  vs  Attack 
10:30    Force  vs  Inferno
12:00    Fusion  vs  Galaxy  

Saturday, April 16th 
9:00      Force  vs  Fusion
10:30    Attack  vs  Galaxy
12:00    Inferno  vs  Pride

Saturday, April 23rd
9:00      Inferno  vs  Fusion
10:30    Pride  vs  Galaxy
12:00    Attack  vs  Force

Saturday, April 30th 
9:00      Attack   vs  Inferno
10:30    Galaxy  vs  Pride
12:00    Fusion  vs  Force

Saturday, May 14th 
9:00      Pride  vs  Attack
10:30    Fusion  vs  Galaxy
12:00    Inferno   vs  Force