Youth Soccer United League Schedule

Team Name Color Coach Coach's Number
Rapids Maroon Jonathan Banker 206-940-1661
Strikers Black Erin Romanski 719-429-1264
Foxes Lime Green Kat Reynolds 570-878-6207
Diamondbacks White Josh Curliss 719-431-1672
Knights Green Mel Henrichs 918-829-6177
Galaxy Red Audrey Dudley 719-371-8313
Tornados Gold Robert Orton 719-369-1049
Aces Blue Brandt Purcell 719-429-6332
Bears  Grey Aspen Thrasher 719-371-7810
Thunder Purple Wes Stanley 919-722-9978

All games will be played at Pathfinder Regional Park, 6639 Hwy 115.  All United League games will be played on the East field of the park.  Picture Day is Saturday, September 24th with online ordering.   We ask ALL parents to sit on the West side of the field.

Saturday, September 10th 
9:00      Knights  vs  Aces
10:20    Galaxy  vs  Rapids
11:40    Thunder  vs  Diamondbacks
1:00      Strikers  vs  Tornados
2:20      Foxes  vs  Bears
Saturday, September 17th 
9:00      Rapids  vs  Strikers
10:20    Thunder  vs  Aces
11:40    Bears  vs  Knights
1:00      Diamondbacks  vs  Galaxy
2:20      Tornados  vs  Foxes

Saturday, September 24th (Picture Day)
9:00      Foxes  vs Rapids  
10:20    Galaxy  vs  Thunder
11:40    Strikers  vs  Diamondbacks
1:00      Knights  vs  Tornados
2:20      Aces  vs  Bears

Saturday, October 1st 
9:00      Rapids  vs  Knights
10:20    Thunder  vs  Bears
11:40    Tornados  vs  Aces
1:00      Diamondbacks  vs  Foxes
2:20      Galaxy  vs  Strikers

Saturday, October 8th 
9:00      Aces  vs  Rapids  
10:20    Foxes  vs  Galaxy
11:40    Bears  vs  Tornados
1:00      Knights  vs  Diamondbacks
2:20      Strikers  vs  Thunder

Saturday, October 15th 
9:00      Thunder  vs  Tornados
10:20    Rapids  vs  Bears
11:40    Diamondbacks  vs  Aces
1:00      Galaxy  vs  Knights
2:20      Strikers  vs  Foxes
Saturday, October 22nd 
9:00      Foxes  vs  Thunder
10:20    Tornados  vs  Rapids 
11:40    Knights  vs  Strikers
1:00      Bears  vs  Diamondbacks
2:20      Aces  vs Galaxy