Youth Outdoor Soccer (Fall)

Youth Fall Soccer
Sponsored by Credit Union of Colorado
The 2020 season of Fall Soccer will be a modified season.  The 11 v 11 format is not workable with the current State regulations and restrictions.  We will be playing  a smaller sided game of 7 v 7 for the older kids with two age groups, 7 to 9 and 10 to 14.  Please know we reserve the right to modify the age groups or add an extra group if needed.  There will be no more than 11 players on each team.  A smaller team allows for better spacing, more opportunities to touch the ball, and is a faster paced game.
We will be offering 3 v 3 soccer for the Strikers league (5 & 6 year olds).  All teams in every league will be made up of kids from their respective schools as much as possible.  
Due to social distancing, Kneekickers for kids ages 3 & 4 will not be offered this fall.  


Youth Outdoor Soccer Players



REGISTRATION: Opens August 31st - September 11th


Click on the adjacent links to register

Strikers League (5 & 6 years of age)

United League  (7-9 years of age)

World Cup League (10-14 years of age)

**14 year-olds are eligible if they are in the 8th grade**


Strikers League  $25 (In-District) & $40 (Out-of District)

United Leagues: $30 (In-District) & $45 (Out-of-District)

World Cup League: $30 (In-District) & $45 (Out-of-District)


Saturdays @ Pathfinder Park starting October 3rd - November 7th 

One time per week for Strikers League

Twice per week for United and World Cup Leagues