Programming Changes Due To COVID-19

Update: September 15, 2021

We have been notified by the Fremont County Health Department that we are seeing a high level of community transmission of covid-19 and a much higher incidence in school aged children than last year. We currently have 25% of our soccer teams quarantined.  Therefore, with guidance from the health department we have decided to cancel all soccer games for this Saturday, September 18th.  We will resume soccer games on Saturday, September 25th.  We will make up this Saturday’s games and pictures later in the season.  As of now, we do not have any positive cases in Youth Football.  They will operate as normal this Saturday.

Update: January 7, 2021

The Canon City Area Recreation and Park District has been working over the past couple of months with the school district and health department to find a way to offer winter sports, while following local and state health guidelines. We were informed today we will be unable to use any indoor school district facilities for our sports until the county is at Level Blue on the Covid-19 Dial. The school district’s priority remains to keep kids at in-person learning.  The Recreation District understands and fully supports this decision.  Therefore, we will have to cancel youth basketball, wrestling, and indoor soccer. Furthermore, we are suspending any indoor adult sports until further notice. However, we will be able to use the outdoor fields for the upcoming spring soccer season if no additional restrictions are added.  The Kids Klub program has been deemed essential by the state and will be able to continue to use the facilities for these purposes and these purposes only.

Please know the Recreation District will continue to work toward offering any programs allowed under the guidelines. All announcements will be made on the District website,, or on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Update: December 23, 2020

The Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District is looking at all options to offer some indoor winter programing during the pandemic for both youth and adults.  In a normal year we would have youth basketball, wrestling, and futsal (indoor soccer) and for adults we would offer basketball, coed volleyball, futsal, and corn hole.  Of course, there is nothing normal about the times we are in.  Currently there is an order in place preventing these activities through January 3rd, which we completely understand and support.  We would like to thank the Fremont County Department of Public Health for their communication with us.  Currently our Programs Department is working on options to offer some of the programs listed above.  There is a chance not all of them will be offered in early 2021.  District staff will discuss the options with both the Department of Health and local School Districts, because we use their facilities, to make a final determination in the new year.  If it is determined that we are allowed to offer some programming, there will be adjustments.  For example, no spectators at adult programs and very limited spectators at youth programs.  This is an example of something that may happen but will be officially determined in a few weeks.  Look for any announcements on registration no earlier than the week of January 11th

Please know the Recreation District would like nothing more than offer programs this winter, but like everything else during the pandemic we must remain flexible.  All announcements will be made on District website,, or on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Update: August 18, 2020

The Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District has been working with local health officials to determine if youth fall football and soccer would be possible this year.  With the Colorado High School Athletics Association (CHSAA) postponing team sports due to COVID-19 concerns, there have been questions about what the Recreation District would be able to offer the youth of our community.  Our goal is to get kids playing - within current health guidelines. We are planning to offer both youth football and soccer this fall, but with a different look.  After reviewing several options, we have altered the youth leagues’ structures to allow for play while following existing COVID guidelines, including having only 25 participants per field at each game.  Please understand the plan listed below is what we would like to do at this time, however plans can and do change quickly during this pandemic.  We ask that everyone remain flexible and we will continue to update our website and Facebook page to keep you informed. 

In youth football we are not able to offer tackle or flag football this fall. Instead for children in fourth to eighth grade we will offer a 7-on-7 program.  This is a passing game with no weight limits, no tackling, no blocking, no running the ball, and no running after the catch.  This format allows everyone a chance to have the ball and improve their skills both offensively and defensively.   It is played in summer high school programs around the country and allowed under the current health guidelines.  For the younger age groups (K-3), we will offer a skills and drills program Saturdays at Rouse Park.  You will be able to sign your kids up for a specific time slot and the kids will remain in the same cohort throughout the season.

In youth soccer we are also modifying the program.  The 11 v 11 format is not workable, as it would exceed the 25 player per field rule when you include substitutions.  We are going with a smaller sided game of 7 v 7 for the older kids with two age groups, 7-to-9 and 10-to-14.  Please know we reserve the right to modify the age groups or add an extra group if needed.  There will be no more than 11-players on each team.  A smaller team allows for better spacing, more opportunities to touch the ball, and is a faster paced game.  Due to social distancing, for kids ages 3-4, kneekickers will not be offered for the youngest players.  Those aged 5-6 will not play 3 v 3 soccer this fall.  Instead we will offer skills and drills sessions with the teams cohorted throughout the season. 

Registration for these modified programs will not open until August 31st and ends on September 11th.  This timing allows us to observe how things are working out with the local school districts for the first two weeks of their year and gives us the opportunity to make any needed changes.  Teams will be put together as soon as possible, with practices to start the week of September 14th.  Games will start on Saturday October 3rd at both Rouse Park and Pathfinder Park.  The seasons will end no later than November 7th.  By following this timeline, the focus can be on getting kids back to school, looking at any new health data, and giving the children of our community an opportunity to play sports this fall.

Update: July 24, 2020

The Recreation District, in conjunction with the Canon City High School Athletics Department, has decided to cancel the upcoming Tiger soccer, football and volleyball summer camps.  Due to a combination of regulations and how to run these programs safely during COVID-19, we all felt the best course of action was to cancel.  Please know this decision did not come easily, and was given significant thought.  Both the Recreation District and Canon City Athletics believe getting kids active and engaged is important, but sometimes you must slow down to run later.  Recreation District staff will be in contact with all registered participants in the coming days regarding refunds.  We apologize for any inconvenience and both the District and Canon City Athletics look forward to offering camps in the future.

Update: June 9, 2020

On June 4th, new guidelines for personal recreation were released by the state.  This change has allowed the Recreation District to open registration for some summer camps and activities.  There are changes to how some youth and adult sports programs are structured and others where enrollment numbers are capped.  More information on these activities can be found by clicking the sports or the camps & lessons tabs on our website.

Update: May 14, 2020

The Icabone Swimming Pool is closed for the summer season.  For more detailed information, click here.

The Pickleball Courts will open at Rouse Park on May 18th with restrictions. See the current rules here.

Update: April 23, 2020

The Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Youth Spring Soccer season.  We were hopeful that conditions might exist for the season to be played, but we have simply run out of time.  We are going to credit your Active Network accounts with the amount that was paid when you registered.  We will also make calls to parents and guardians to see if they would like to leave the credit on their account, get a refund, or to donate the fee back to the soccer program.  The choice is yours.  We wished for a different outcome, but unfortunately that is not possible.  It is our hope to have a full season this fall and possibly some other soccer related activities during the summer.  Only time will tell.

At this point we do not know when we will be able to resume our normal programming schedule.  It is our desire to offer all of our summer programming, but that will be determined in the coming weeks.  We ask for everyone to have patience and be flexible.  Registration is open for many programs and we will be extending deadlines into May.  Right now, the earliest date practices could begin for youth sports is in mid to late May and adult leagues might be able to start in late May.  This is only if everything goes well with stopping the spread of COVID-19.  We will continue to speak with local and state health officials as we attempt to start up programming.  This is something all recreation departments throughout the state are assessing.  The Recreation District looks forward to offering recreational activities this summer to all of the residents in Fremont County. 

Update: April 3, 2020

To all of our program participants,

We know many of you have questions about when we can resume our adult and youth sports programming and Kids Klub. Unfortunately, right now there are more questions than answers in dealing with COVID-19, but our programs department is working hard to come up with multiple options. Everything will depend on when state and local leaders, and health officials determine the situation has improved enough to get back to some semblance of normalcy.

For our youth and adult sports programming, many of you have questions about when programs will resume or if they are simply going to be canceled. At this point we have not canceled any programs, they are all suspended. Based on the information we are getting from government officials, it will be mid to late April before we know what direction to go with resuming programs. If we cancel a season, we will either credit accounts or issue refunds. If a season is shortened or the remainder of an existing program is canceled, we will offer a prorated credit or refund. This is a very fluid situation and hopefully we will be able to get back to offering programs in the near future, but we will have to wait and see. Please understand we are looking at every option to try and get kids and adults playing a sport they love. Hopefully, as April moves along, we will have a better idea of what that looks like.

For Kids Klub, which is held at local schools, this is also a fluid situation. Governor Polis has made it very clear that childcare is vital and essential so parents may continue to work. The Cañon City School District has graciously offered to let us use McKinley Elementary School as a site. However, we currently don't have enough interest to open the facility. Therefore, we are not going to be able to open at this time. It is our plan to resume the program once officials deem it possible. We are still planning to hold a summer program and Kids Klub staff will provide more information over the coming weeks. The staff is definitely missing working with the kids and currently are posting videos of crafts, science projects, and readings on the Kids Klub YouTube channel and Facebook page. Feel free to check it out.

The Recreation District will continue to focus on keeping parks, trails, and open spaces available for public recreation at this time. We have closed amenities such as pavilions, public restrooms, pickleball courts, and sports fields, but the trails, parks, and open spaces themselves remain open. We are evaluating the use at our open facilities each week and as long as the public continues to practice social distancing standards, we will keep them open. If we find this is not happening, we will start closing additional facilities. The goal is to provide a safe recreation opportunity for the public, but we need your help in making sure everyone has the ability to recreate safely.

The Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District will continue to work hard to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community. We look forward to the day when we can resume programs and have a fun time together. If we all follow the current guidelines that day will be here sooner, rather than later.

Kyle Horne
Executive Director
Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District

Update: March 26, 2020

The Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District is working to comply with Governor Jared Polis' Executive Order D 2020 -"Stay at Home Order". We are going to keep your parks, open spaces, and trails open from dawn to dusk. The goal is to give the community an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and recreate responsibly. However, there are some features at your parks that will close immediately. They include:
  • Restrooms
  • Playgrounds
  • Softball/Baseball Fields
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Pavilions
  • Community Room
Currently the dog park and archery range are open with the rest of your parks, trails, and open spaces. However, this is subject to change. If social distancing is not practiced by the users of theses facilities, we will be forced to close them as well. Please keep in mind there are some simple rules to follow.
  • Practice social distancing rules of at least six feet while using the parks and trails. This might mean you have to walk in a single file line at times. If this is not possible then vacate the area and find a different park to recreate in or a different time.
  • If you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, do not use the facilities. Stay at home.
  • Follow the CDC 's guidance on personal hygiene when using the parks or trails
  • There is NO organized group activities or recreation allowed at this time per the Stay-at-Home order.
  • No large groups.
  • Public restrooms are closed, so please be prepared before you leave home.
  • Please leave no trace and throw away any and all trash in order to help out our maintenance staff
At this time, we have no sports programming, special events, Kds Klub, and facility rentals in Recreation District facilities. They are all suspended until further notice. Enjoy the Arkansas Riverwalk Trail, John Griffin Regional Park, Pathfinder Park, Harrison Park, Rouse Park, and the Dog Park. Please remember to follow the rules and recreate responsibly. If this does not occur additional closures will happen.

Update: March 19, 2020

In school learning in Colorado has been suspended through April 17th. Kids Klub is also suspended until school is back in session.

Update: March 18, 2020

In our March 13th press release the Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District announced several programming changes due to COVID-19. Since that time more information has become available and the world we live in has continued to change. This means the Recreation District has had to adjust as well.

For our Kids Klub program, we are currently licensed to operate at three locations, Lincoln School of Science and Technology, McKinley Elementary School, and Washington Elementary School. The agreement that exists between Cañon City Schools and the Recreation District states that when school is canceled, Kids Klub is canceled as well. It has been this way for over 30-years. Due to the school district not holding classes in the buildings until at least April 6th, the Kids Klub program will not operate during that time period. In making this decision we have had discussions with the Fremont County Department of Health, Cañon City Schools, and Recreation District staff. We looked at several options to possibly offer this program, but for public health reasons have decided to not operate at this time. This is something we don't take lightly. The Recreation District will continue to examine options going forward to offer childcare for school age children, and if anything changes, we will notify our customers and the community.

Shifting gears to our sports programs, we will continue to suspend those programs as well. The youth and adult sports programs we be suspended through April 4th. We will examine the option of resuming play on Sunday April 5th. However, please understand this might not happen based on information from the CDC, Federal Government, State Government, and local health departments. All special events in April have been either postponed or canceled. The Ladies and your Gentlemen fundraiser on April 4th, the Spring Bonfire on April 17th, and the Clean Up Green Up on April 25th have all been postponed with dates to be announced later. The Easter Eggstravaganza, sponsored by The Mortgage Company and Kurt Zerby Real Estate Group, on April 11th has been canceled.

For the time being we will not be renting or reserving any fields or pavilions the Recreation District manages. This will also include the Community Room. However, our trails, parks, open spaces, and playgrounds are open for the public to use at this time. We want to see people using the parks for recreation and exercise, but please remember to practice social distancing and respect your fellow citizens. This is a difficult time and we all must adjust. Take advantage of the outdoors and recreate responsibly.

Update: March 16, 2020

The Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District offices will be closed to the public starting March 17, 2020, until further notice. Recreation District staff will be available to answer any questions or needs by calling (719) 275-1578 during normal business hours, or emailing staff. Online registration for some of our summer programming is currently available. If you are turning in an application for seasonal employment, please drop it off in the mail slot in the front door.

Update: March 13, 2020

The Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District recognizes that we are in unprecedented times and decisions in dealing with COVID-19 have been and must be made. As of Friday March 13th, we are suspending all adult and youth sports programming until March 29th. There will be no games played or practices held for our Adult Basketball, Futsal, Volleyball, and Cornhole programs, or the Youth Soccer Program. We are also postponing Adult Open Gym until March 31st. If you have a permit for rented fields or the community room, those permits are suspended until March 29th as well. We will re-evaluate where things are at with COVID-19 prior to March 27th and either start up adult programs on March 29th and youth programs on March 30th or extend the suspension.

For the Kids Klub program, we are going to close over the week of spring break, March 16th through the 20th. If you have already paid for Kids Klub services over spring break, your accounts will be credited. Following spring break, we will evaluate and work closely with Cañon City Schools on determining next steps for the Kids Klub program. If the schools are closed, Kids Klub is closed. If the schools are open, Kids Klub will be open. Recreation District staff understands this creates a burden for working parents, however if the schools are closed for public health reasons, so should Kids Klub.

We recognize this is a difficult time for all of us, but as we work to get programs rescheduled, we ask for your flexibility. It will be difficult to get all games in and seasons may be shortened. Programs staff will make every effort to try and balance an enjoyable recreational experience with respect to public health safety.
Kyle Horne
Executive Director