Pickleball Rules Under COVID-19 Restrictions

The Recreation District Pickleball Courts at Rouse Park are open.  We are meeting the requirements of the "Safer at Home in the Vast, Great Outdoors" order.  This also complies with guidance from the Fremont County Department of Public Health.  Please understand that the rules must be followed in order to keep the courts open, and that we are simply enforcing the rules and guidelines that have been put in place for public safety.  We ask that everyone please comply with the rules and guidelines so the courts may remain operational and give the public a chance to recreate, playing a game they love.    

1. All Courts are open for play.

2. Singles and Doubles play is allowed. 

3. No tournament play is allowed.

4. Everyone should practice social distancing guidelines of 6' feet.

5. If you are serving, hit the balls you brought with you.  Do not use the other players equipment. Please mark your balls with a sharpie.

6. Try to avoid using your hand to pick up the balls.  Use your paddle and foot.

7. Please use a glove or hand covering to open and close the gates.

8. Players are encouraged to bring their own disinfectant wipes to clean equipment and all surfaces they touch with their hands before and after they play.

9. If you are a feeling sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19, stay home!  Come back and play when you feel better.

10. Use of masks are preferred, but not required.

11. Recreation District staff will disinfect the handles on the gates and areas of the court.  However, this is not possible all day.  Please take personal responsibility to clean and disinfect surfaces you have touched.

12. Playing at the courts is at your own risk.