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Riverwalk BINGO

It's BINGO Time!
Enjoy the Riverwalk and play BINGO with your family.  Below are three different cards to choose from.

Cañon City High School seniors Trevor Branam and Jordan Ovnicek created a fun game for friends and family to play on the Arkansas Riverwalk Trail called Riverwalk Bingo.  The idea is to print off one of the three bingo cards and then the first person in your group to get a bingo wins!  All of the images on the Bingo Cards are found along the Riverwalk and in John Griffin Regional Park.  This is another way to have fun while simply enjoying a stroll along the beautiful trail.  The students also included some fun facts about our area on each card as well.  If you are not able to print off a card, we have them available at the Recreation District office, 575 Ash Street.  The ideal time of year will be in the summer when the flowers are in bloom, but you can still find some of items throughout the year.  Have some fun with your family and friends while you are on the trail and play Riverwalk Bingo!  The winner has the bragging rights.

This program was created by Trevor and Jordan as their capstone project for the CCHS Class of 2021.