Recreation Center Survey

Surveys for a possible Recreation Center were mailed to approximately 80% of the residents within the Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District boundaries. This survey was made possible through a partnership with the City of Cañon City, Fremont County, Recreation Enhances our Community (REC), and the Recreation District. This survey will provide information to the partners about the recreational wants and needs of our community. By taking the time to answer the survey, your voice is heard.

At this time no decisions on a Recreation Center have been made, other than to have a survey go out. We are looking for the input of the citizens we serve. You now have the opportunity to tell us what amenities you would like in a recreation center, where you would like it to be located, and how it could be funded. The partners are aware that many are questioning the possible location of a Recreation Center but at this time they are simply options, no decisions have been made. All future decisions on a possible Recreation Center will be based on what the citizens want and this survey will provide those answers. We truly want to know what your opinions and thoughts are on this project.
This is a scientific survey conducted by RRC, so not everyone will be mailed a copy. However, there was an open version of the survey available online for anyone to take.
Originally posted  February 13, 2020