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Gary "Bubba" DiOrio Youth Football Leagues
2021 Tackle Football Schedule
Sponsored by Credit Union of Colorado
Team Color Coach Coach's #
Broncos Orange Eric Fleming (719) 339-5444
Chiefs Red Arin Hart (719) 334-8706
Dolphins Teal Chuck Meierbachtol (719) 429-4565
Ravens Purple Steve Bergant (719) 429-3035

All Games will be played at Rouse Park, except for the Toy Bowl, which will be played at Cañon City High School’s Citizens’ Stadium. Parents and Spectators must sit on the opposite side of the players, the East side of the field.  Standings, rules and schedules are posted at  All equipment must be turned in by November 26, 2021.  Home team, listed last, will provide the chain gang. 

Saturday September 11th 
10:00    West End    Chiefs vs Broncos
12:00    West End    Ravens vs Dolphins 

Saturday September 18th (Picture Day)    
10:00    West End    Broncos vs Ravens
12:00    West End    Dolphins vs Chiefs

Saturday September 25th  
10:00    West End    Ravens vs Chiefs 
12:00    West End    Broncos vs Dolphins

Saturday October 2nd  
10:00    West End    Dolphins vs Ravens 
12:00    West End    Broncos vs Chiefs 

Saturday October 9th 
10:00    West End    Chiefs vs Dolphins 
12:00    West End    Ravens vs Broncos

Saturday October 16th 
10:00    West End    Dolphins vs Broncos 
12:00    West End    Chiefs vs Ravens

Saturday October 23rd
10:00    West End    #4 Chiefs vs #1 Ravens
12:00    West End    #3 Broncos vs #2 Dolphins

Saturday November 6th (Toy Bowl) 
5:00    CCHS        3rd Place Game
7:00    CCHS        1st Place Game

**Toy Bowl is subject to change due to field issues and scheduling at Citizens’ Stadium**