2021 Padded Flag League

Gary “Bubba” DiOrio Youth Football Leagues

2021 Youth Padded Flag Football Schedule

Team Coach Coach's # Color
Buffaloes Daniel Sheriff 719-276-2423 Black
Ducks Mike Goodall 719-429-2456 Green
Hawkeyes Jonathan Amparan 719-453-7965 Yellow
Huskers Matt Norden 719-429-6584 Red
Tar Heels Ryan Gilbert 719-371-3220 Light Blue
Wolverines Austin Troutman 719-821-4740 Navy Blue

Home team, listed last, must provide chain gang. All games will be at Rouse Park on the smaller, East Field. Spectators must stay on opposite sideline (West sideline) of players. All equipment must be turned in by November 15th. If we have any weather issues check the website and Facebook page for updated information.  Schedules and updates are posted on the website at www.ccrec.org

Saturday, September 11th 
1:00    Buffaloes vs Hawkeyes
2:00    Wolverines vs Tar Heels
3:00    Huskers vs Ducks 

Saturday, September 18th (Picture Day)
1:00    Tar Heels vs Ducks
2:00    Hawkeyes vs Wolverines
3:00    Buffaloes vs Huskers 

Saturday, September 25th 
1:00    Hawkeyes vs Huskers 
2:00    Tar Heels vs Buffaloes
3:00    Wolverines vs Ducks

Saturday, October 2nd 

Saturday, October 9th 
1:00    Ducks vs Hawkeyes
2:00    Huskers vs Tar Heels
3:00    Wolverines vs Buffaloes

Saturday, October 16th 
1:00    Buffaloes vs Wolverines
2:00    Ducks vs Huskers
3:00    Tar Heels vs Hawkeyes

Saturday, October 23rd  
1:00    Tar Heels vs Buffaloes
2:00    Wolverines vs Ducks
3:00    Huskers vs Hawkeyes

Saturday, October 30th  
10:00    Huskers vs Wolverines
11:00    Wolverines vs Tar Heels